WP3- Value chain of KOD

Several municipalities are planning the collection of KOD, from 2017 onwards, to contribute to gathering the appropriate quantity of KOD that will enable the VARGA project to be implemented successfully in a full scale plant (6000 m3). To achieve this a series of actions must be carried out, among other a pre-treatment that removes unwanted impurities in the waste and partly decomposes and mixes the waste with water, so it can be pumped into the storage tank and avoid pump clogging.

The recycling of organic waste from households depends on the fertilizer product that is spread on field. As the demand for this type of fertilizers is growing,  the VARGA project will allow analysis and testing of what is needed to establish this last step in the value chain for KOD. This includes dialogue with the interested farmers about the way of KOD fertilizer will  be distributed to them. However, it is important to ensure that this pure  fertilizer product complies with the applicable requirements for ecological farming and regulations and therefore VARGA will demonstrate methods and techniques for producing a fertilizer product, which quality is even above the current environmental requirements.

Field trials will be carried out to quantify the effect of KOD on crop yields. At the very end of VARGA project a life cycle assessment methodology will be applied based on the data originated from the field trials.