WP5 – Release of raw materials

The digesters in many wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants in Denmark and Europe are not optimally utilized. There is still a potential for increasing the energy production. The largest potential for this is linked to a use of external sources of organic matterial, such as agricultural, industrial or household residues, etc.

In the VARGA project, it is intended to free a digester with a capacity of 6000 m3 for the disposal of biopulp from source-sorted organic waste disposal, combined with selected industrial residues. It is expected that the generated fertilizer product will subsequently be recycled as fertilizer. Gasification of the early biopulp is also expected to increase gas production by 2 million m3 methane, by contributing to a significant increase in energy production at Avedøre WWTP while maintianing the carbon footprint neutral. This work package enables a full-scale demonstration of circular economy for energy production and KOD.